Hi, I’m Seth and welcome! I wrote this blog as a way to (1) share, document, and compress knowledge about my various projects, and (2) communicate with the greater tech community (recruiters, engineers, data scientists, etc.).

My interests are in applied machine learning, natural language processing, computational linguistics, and software engineering.

Python is my preferred language; though I’ve also been using Java at my recent employers (HubSpot, Amazon). I firmly believe in Occam’s razor when it comes to problem solving in both machine learning and software engineering.

Things I like outside of tech include:


SemEval 2015 Task 8: joint work with Brandeis; I trained a conditional random field to identify spatial entities notably using features from a rich semantic parser.

Personal Projects

  • chkjson: a Python library to read Starcraft’s binary CHK format for the purposes of making modding easier. It was a good exercise in reading and writing binary data. It’s also a good example of how not to use dataclasses in Python.
  • pyw3x: a Python wrapper around existing libraries to open and modify MPQ archives (the format used by Blizzard for both Starcraft and Warcraft III maps).
  • mmrpg: an attempt to recreate Dragon Warrior Monsters as a custom map in Warcraft III. It was fun creating the quest, dialogue, monster spawning, and boss systems from scratch using Blizzard’s JASS scripting language.


  • Email: sdworman at brandeis.edu
  • Resume: Please reach out to me via email to request a resume.